Green Belt Statement

Kemsing Parish Council has supported Sevenoaks District Council’s Green Belt policy for many years. This has confined developments in Kemsing to within the village envelope.

There appears to be some uncertainty about future policy for the Green Belt.  On the one hand, Ministers have made welcome remarks about the Green Belt not being threatened.  On the other, there have been statements that the need for housing requires that Green Belt land must be released for this purpose. Any proposal to release Green Belt land in Kemsing parish, much of which is also in designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, would be regarded by Kemsing Parish Council, and we believe by most of our electors, with alarm.

In particular, Kemsing Parish Council would not support any form of development on Lower Haffenden Field, just off Pilgrims Way, Kemsing, which is locally known as “the Leisure Plots”. This area of land, which forms part of the Kemsing Downs Nature Reserve, is of substantial amenity value to the community of Kemsing and the Parish Council will actively seek to protect this land against any development.

Furthermore, in Kemsing Parish Council’s view, the new local plan should not include housing development on greenfield sites in Kemsing’s Green Belt. Whilst acknowledging that housing development on brownfield sites in the Green Belt is consistent with existing planning policy, most such sites in Kemsing were buildings only used for limited agricultural or equestrian purposes.  Kemsing Parish Council is concerned that releasing even these sites for housing development would exacerbate problems for public utilities, particularly highways, unless there were significant improvements to local infrastructure.

28 April 2021